"Studio Rö by opening its doors invites us to enter a cave where the rock fresco would be that of the Sforza castle overlooking a forest of oaks.  Don't look for the call of the trickle of a spring that you will hear, it is the fountain near the windows and planted in front of the castle. This environment inspired Christelle Caffarelli, the young French woman from Provence whose name sounds so Italian, who decided to showcase artists and designers who are close to her heart by exhibiting them in her holistic gallery.

Christelle, a yoga teacher and trained in the world of fashion and design, who after a personal journey intervenes as a priestess of natural arts. She loves materials that draw their nobility from the simplicity of their extraction. Design pieces made of wool, linen, wood treated by accidents caused by the hand of man rub shoulders with sculptures that seem to have been directly extracted from the land from which they come, Ardèche for some, Mantova for others and even Catalan and Georgian". 

Phillipe Ferrand

Studio Rö is a unique concept: raw art, ethics, authenticity & slow design are mixed with the serenity of a private apartment in the heart of Milan, where we receive guests by appointment only. The use of only primary materials such as stone, wood, metal, earth, creates warm, minimalist and archaic atmospheres. Underneath the apparent simplicity lies the reflective complexity of the Wabi-Sabi spirit: rough, real materials, shaped by craftsmen and time. The balanced elements then communicate with each other and release a soothing, natural atmosphere that leads the mind to meditation. 

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You will find unique pieces, or limited editions only, with a story, an experience, an emotion and a special energy. In a perpetual effort to slow down and return to primary values, we offer only one exhibition per year, carefully selected, with a few pieces designed only for the studio.
Each project is original, each project is a human encounter, each project is a real experimentation of the self and its emotions. The wabi-sabi philosophy and its scenography awakens the senses and creates a real refuge for urban hermits.
Studio Rö is a holistic place where souls and energies intermingle, visible only by appointment, in order to keep an intimate and powerful space with each work. 

Yoga brings me a philosophical , pure and spiritual vision in each project. Concerned about our environment, the importance of conservation and the transmission of know-how, I am committed to employing artisans from all over the world. My projects and my vision are always inspired by the beauty of nature and the delicacy of objects shaped by hand. 

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