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Cocoa Ceremony

What is a Sacred Cocoa Ceremony

The Cocoa Ceremony is a South American healing tradition that originated 3,000 years ago among the Mayans. The goal is to help restore harmony between the energies so that those who participate remain healthy. The Mayan people considered cocoa to be “the food of the gods”.

An experience of purification and liberation through the expression of the soul.
A Mayan legend says that whenever an imbalance is created between man and nature, cocoa comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and restore the planet to a state of harmony.

Through the spirit of cocoa, we return to experience life guided by the heart, reconnecting with nature and our inner space.

Ceremonial cocoa is cocoa that has been grown using traditional methods with the intention of being used in ceremonies. The healing properties and its spirit make it a powerful medicine.
The Cocoa Ceremony is a sacred moment of connection with the Divine, through a deep inner journey that starts from the heart:

- kundalini yoga
- relaxing
- ecstatic dance
- songs
- sounds
- deep listening  


- a blanket / plaid
- rug
- musical instruments (if you have)
- talisman / lucky charm
- offering for the altar
- water
- notebook and pen
- cup for drinking cocoa



On the day of the ceremony, avoid coffee, sugar, alcohol and fasting for the previous 3-4 hours.

The ceremony will last approximately 3 hours.

CAUTION : For people with serious heart problems, hypertension or using antidepressants, cocoa is contraindicated as a vasodilator (lowers blood pressure).


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